Lead Generation

Implementing Lead Generation More Effectively

Lead generation can be defined as building viable leads through the process of providing people with what they are looking for — ultimately guiding people to information that they consider to be relevant in a manner that peaks their interest in you and what your company has to offer. Lead capturing is a process that is implemented through what is known as a lead capture system, and this process is initiated the moment that a person clicks on your ad, and it continues until the person makes a purchase.

A lead capture system is just a technical explanation of a particular manner in which a website’s sales process is arranged. It involves the technique of targeted marketing, attempting to reach a specific demographic within a market. From the functionality and look of the website design down to the content on the page, a good lead capture system will be able to compile leads by offering an aesthetically pleasing yet simple landing page that provides specific instructions that guide the user in taking the appropriate action.

Target Marketing

One of the most effective lead capturing techniques is targeted marketing. Targeted marketing begins with understanding who you are selling to, knowing who you are specifically marketing your product or service to. Some of the criteria that will help building the parameters of a specified market include age, lifestyle, specific interests and more.

If you are not certain of who your target audience is, you will need to conduct the necessary research to clarify your market with as much specificity as possible. Before you can create a sales system for a product, or even create the product itself, it is paramount to have a clear understanding of the identity of the target audience. It will also be important to determine if the campaign will be targeting return business, new customers or a specified list of customers.

Landing Page

The landing page is the page on your website that customers will be directed to when they click on your sponsored ad. The landing page is the simple most important element of the lead capturing process, which is onereason that is often referred to as the lead capture page.

One of the most common mistake made by business owners in implementing their lead capture process is having visitors who click on their ads land on their home page. The home page will be too ambiguous to produce the desired results, while a landing page will possess the specificity to produce exactly what you are looking for. Most home pages will be far too convoluted with content and products to keep the focus on producing the desired action by the user. The landing page will be very simple and to the point. It will have an interesting and attention grabbing headline, a form for the user to enter their contact information and a specific call-to-action.

The most important element of this landing page is the headline. According to several recent surveys, 80 percent of page’s communication to a user is accomplished through a well-conceptualized headline. The headline not only captures the attention of the user, but it also frames the context and establishes expectations.

Another important element that must be present on the landing page is “message match.” Message match is a term that is reflective of how well the content on the landing page matches the message that was presented by the ad that the user clicked. When a landing page lacks message match, it is often considered to be misleading and spammy, and will lead to user complaints and the site being blocked.

When it comes to generating prospects, one of the most common practices is to ensure that the headline on the landing page matches the headline on the ad verbatim. This helps to frame the initial perception of the landing page.

Building Trust

It will be essential to use the lead generation process to build trust, because people buy from those whom they trust. It will be imperative to establish your business as a legitimate business that can be trusted to deliver what has been promised. The internet is filled with fly-by-night companies that exploit the trust of online shoppers.

Lead Capture Form

The lead capture form will likely consume a significant amount of the space on the page. While the lead capture form should not be too complex, it should have the necessary fields to capture all of the information that you require from your customer to complete the desired task. Remember, the less complex the form is, the better the conversion rate. While the internet has increased the exposure that companies have to their customer base, it has also served to reduce the level of patience of customers, so the more condensed the form, the better.

The Call to Action

The importance of the call-to-action cannot be overstated. A call-to-action is the clear instructions that give the customer specific guidance as to what should be done. These instructions should stand out from the rest of the text on the page, which can be accomplished by changing the color, size and style of the font. Online the call-to-action is often displayed in the form of a big bright conspicuous button. On mobile devices, this can also come in the form of a clickable phone number (or an easily identifiable phone icon). Data has shown that those browsing on their smartphone are more apt to make a phone call than to fill out a form, so make it as easy as possible for them to do so.

The compilation of leads is the result of taking a simple idea and applying any of a number of lead capturing techniques to produce a desired result. The idea is to pick the best system or process for what you are attempting to accomplish. There is no set protocol that has to be followed, it will all depend on what works best with a specific group.

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