About Us

Surgeon’s Advisor provides Internet marketing and online patient acquisition strategies to some of the world’s most successful plastic surgeons. Ours is a comprehensive approach, which, when combined with the services offered by a highly skilled plastic surgeon, produce significant results and many benefits to your practice.

It is a comprehensive strategy involving many steps:

Maintain thorough knowledge of plastic surgery specialties

Achieving success involves many steps for Surgeon’s Advisor, beginning first and foremost with our knowledge of plastic surgery. Through our efforts on behalf of both clients and ourselves, we have developed thousands of pages, photos, links, and research – the most comprehensive and objective information available to prospective patients on the entire Internet.

Through the process of creating and updating this information, as well as answering the scores of daily questions we receive, we have learned so much about plastic surgery: the difference between strip extraction and follicular unit extraction; steps to performing a SMAS facelift; recovery time for rhinoplasty; incision placement for breast augmentation; and so much more.

Each day, we answer many emails, communicate with prospective patients, update our own plastic surgery web sites, update our clients’ sites, and continually research each area of specialization to help educate prospective patients. Our team’s knowledge of the industry, combined with extensive experience, including software development since 1992 and Internet marketing and customer acquisition strategies since 1996, enable us to combine many areas of expertise to create an optimal platform for generating substantial results.

Analyze competitive plastic surgery marketing strategies:

Staying abreast of the competition is key to achieving success. How are they doing? What are they doing right? What are they doing wrong? How do our clients fit into the whole competitive atmosphere? Starting with an analysis of both the competition and our clients’ initial presence on the Internet, we are able to create a comprehensive approach to target the right patients in the right places with the right methods.

Examining your competitors also enables Surgeon’s Advisor to compare its efforts on your behalf to those of other surgeons. Many times, we have started campaigns for surgeons when, at the beginning, they are very much outpaced by their competition. By analyzing what others are doing well, especially by examining what prospective patients and patients alike have to say about your competitors, we are able to further tailor our efforts to ensure success.

Stay abreast of industry changes, patient needs, and Internet trends:

Through its efforts on behalf of clients, Surgeon’s Advisor stays abreast of industry changes, patient needs, and Internet trends on a daily basis. From monitoring medical related web sites and mining the Internet for research and news article, to answering questions of prospective patients and staying abreast of search engine changes, we strive to continually be in a position where we can proactively move forward as opposed to react at the last minute. These efforts are undertaken daily and enable us to enjoy a position of strength with regards to our capabilities for clients and prospective patients alike.

Develop a comprehensive web site

The ‘meat and potatoes’ of our efforts on behalf of each client, these web sites usually total over 300 pages, and are continually updated and added to on a regular basis thereafter. In fact, many of our clients have over 700 pages of content, FAQs, photos, procedural information, research, videos, and more.

The content is made up of unique, well-written pages optimized for specific search phrases and targeted to specific prospective patients. Not to be confused with doorway pages, gateway pages, or the like, these pages are presented in an informative and professional manner and designed to (1) target a given key phrase, (2) target a specific type of prospective patient, and (3) present the information that each prospective patient is actually looking for.

Important to consider is that all components of your web presence should perform a specific task: they should serve to attract someone qualified who is searching for something, and then provide just what they are looking for in an aesthetically-pleasing and informative manner. So, for example, a photo gallery of before-and-after images should be more than just 5 or 10 images in total (as many plastic surgeons currently utilize), but instead, should be hundreds in total, with each photograph focusing on specific patients with whom any given web site visitor can identity. By race, ethnicity, specificity of problem/issue, and more. This way, each prospective patient can find something that is close to their own personal experience, and a stronger emotional bond can be formed.

This same strategy applies to questions and answers as well. Over the previous months and years, your own practice has generated great content just by answering questions from your own prospective patients. These should be thorough and comprehensive and cover a broad spectrum of issues, so rather than simply answering the question ‘what is the recovery period like’ on your web site, you should have 5, 10, or more questions with corresponding answers that address all of the issues associated with the recovery process.

It’s ultimately about fully educating each and every prospective patient. Once you’ve attracted someone to your Internet presence, the job is only partly completed. It’s then time to provide exactly what that visitor is looking for and answer any questions they could possibly have. Then, once they visit your office for a consultation, you’ll certainly have a new patient for your practice.

Again, Surgeon’s Advisor handles all of this for you, and by doing so, establishes a web presence that attracts prospective patients, provides thorough information, and establishes credibility.

Monitor activity, communicate with client, analyze results, update content and modify efforts daily

Daily? Did we say daily? Yes, and it’s very important that any efforts be continued – updated and maintained – on a regular basis. The Internet changes, patient needs change, and search engines, especially, change… a lot. By monitoring activity, analyzing the results, developing new ideas, communicating with clients, and modifying our efforts regularly, we will keep you at the top, continually expanding your practice.

What’s more, we’ll share everything we do with you on a regular basis. How many new prospective patients are your web sites generating? Where are they coming from? Exactly what did they search for when they found you? Which of these visitors are converting to patients at a higher rate? How do we apply these successful components to other areas?

Answering these questions and performing the required tasks necessary to achieve success on a regular basis is the key to continual growth, and again, Surgeon’s Advisor handles all of it for you.