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Reputation Management

Online, patient perception is patient reality. As the leading specialist in medical reputation, our CEO Robert Baxter brings years’ experience to your reputation by:

  • Helping scores of practices improve their reputation online.
  • Working hand-in-hand with attorneys and security specialists.
  • Helping doctors fight back against vengeful patients.

Your Reputation is at Stake

Your online reputation is at stake.
Your online reputation is at stake.
  • Positive reviews are the answer. 
  • Getting them can be a challenge. 
  • Some reputation services can do more harm than good. 

Reputation’s facts

  • 75% of consumers consult reviews before purchasing (Nielsen NetRatings).
  • Consumers will pay 20% more for a 5-star rated vs. 4-star rated service (ComScore).
  • 4-star to 5-star reviews more than double conversion (Expedia).
  • Unhappy patients publish more reviews – 24% said they wrote reviews to “get back” after a poor experience (Kelsey).

Positive reviews improve your reputation, set you apart from the competition, and increase search engine rankings. They convert “shoppers” into patients. Yet in our research, fewer than one patient in 100 will leave a positive review. What’s more, other reputation services can actually make matters worse by astroturfing and publishing spammy, fake reviews that nearly always get deleted, or worse, result in a flag or penalty. 

Managing your reputation is complicated

While enhancing your reputation is good for business, it’s also challenging. Every day, reputations are being ruined. Honest, hard-working physicians face an onslaught of negative and even fake, defamatory ratings and reviews. Yet the power of these patient reviews is undeniable: they can be found on scores of websites and even help boost search engine rankings. 

Getting the right help is vital to your success, but not easy.

Managing your reputation is complicated
Getting the right help is vital to your success.

Non-compliant service providers can harm your reputation

Other services claim to publish your satisfied patient reviews. However, they regularly break the rules and can tarnish your reputation. All too often, their services are not verified, HIPAA or FTC compliant, and far more often than not, they don’t even adhere to the review sites’ own terms of use. Their negligence can (and already has) resulted in:

  • Negative publicity that can damage your credibility.
  • $11,000 fines sanctioned by the FTC.
  • Legal action from review sites.
  • Blacklisting by the search engines.
  • State Board and regulatory compliance action.

Reputation management solution & partner

You benefit from an easy-to-use system for gathering and publishing verified patient reviews in a manner that:

  • Complies with review sites’ terms of use.
  • Get your satisfied patients’ attention and more reviews
  • Customizes the right reviews for the right patients.
  • Funnels negative reviews to your internal review team. 
  • Improves your local rankings and Google My Business visibility.
  • Helps you combat negative review with positive ones. 
  • Easy. Leaving a review is now a breeze and a matter of seconds.
Google reputation
Surgeon’s Advisor is your reputation management solution and partner.
Get your satisfied patients’ attention and more reviews.

The Mechanics of a Great Reputation

Posting reviews strategy

  • While getting many on top-tier sites like Google is key – and part of our strategy – ensuring that you have a rounded-out namespace with many properties requires hitting those others
  • The plan is to shore up your namespace and control it, especially, benefits from hitting many sites
  • We don’t want to be too narrow in our focus, hence going after a lot of sites, judiciously and strategically

Important strategy considerations

  • Posting too many reviews to few sites could raise flag of questionable authenticity and get us banned from posting in other profiles
  • Neglecting other profiles is dangerous as an overall strategy. Those neglected profiles will be difficult to bring back on the positive side
  • All profile sites are important since they change in relevance depending on the search engine algorithms. 

Services we provide

  • Reputation monitoring 
  • Negative reviews monitoring and notification 
  • Negative reviews dispute  
  • Business listing accuracy monitoring 
  • Business listing accuracy verification and claim 
  • Listing duplicate detection and closure 
  • Review invites via text & email
  • Robust platform to monitor, promote, and protect your reputation   
  • Monthly report and 24/7 access

Negative reviews dispute

Here is a general list of the reasons websites will remove a review.  It isn’t a complete list, but it should give you an idea as to what they are looking for:

  • It contains spam or advertising
  • It contains profanity, hate speech or threats towards the doctor
  • It violates the privacy of the doctor, practice or a patient (contains personally identifiable information)
  • It is for the wrong doctor, provider or procedure
  • It doesn’t describe a personal experience/ is a second-hand account on behalf of someone else
  • It contains illegal or copyrighted content