Email Marketing for Medical Practices

email marketing for medical practices
Email marketing is a great way of staying in touch with your patient base

One of the things we’ve seen that separates the truly successful practices from the moderately successful practices is an extensive use of email marketing. Savvy plastic surgeons know that their database of past patients and prospective patients represent a gold mine of opportunity if leveraged properly. Email marketing is a great way of staying in touch with your patient base and ensuring that each and every month’s surgical calendar is full. We have partnered with one of the largest broadcast email providers in the world and with our agency account we are sending out scores of emails to millions of patients every month. These emails must be designed from the ground up to be responsive, mobile optimized, well written, scannable, and interesting for the patients and prospective patients who are receiving them.

Email Patients And Prospective Patients, But Not Too Often!

At the same time, you need to be cautious about what you are emailing and how often you are emailing your patients. If you go overboard you can risk getting too many spam notifications and worse, having your account suspended. We have seen this happen in the past and it was the result of over-aggressiveness and widespread spamming of patients. Remember, you probably don’t want to get an email from your vendors every day, so why should your patients?

If you’re smart about it and you email them occasionally with the right opportunities at the right time, you can squeeze more surgical revenues out of the patient’s you’ve seen. Plus, remember those facelift candidates from years before? Or those rhinoplasty patient who’ve already been in the door? Well they are probably great targets for injectables and ongoing procedures that can create a nice little annuity for you and your practice.

medical email newsletters
You need to be cautious about what you are emailing.

Find The Right Time – And Events And Activities – To Email About

email for medical practices
Email marketing offers a great opportunity to proactively reach the people.

Special events, promotions, interesting information about you and your staff are what your patients really want to receive, and when provided occasionally and at the right time, can convert more patients into more procedures. Plus, you can combine strategies so you are getting multiple messages out at the same time. If you track properly you can segment your patient basis. You can target your 50-year-old man differently than your 20-year-old women.

Email marketing offers a great opportunity to proactively reach the people who have heard from you before. At the same time, it can enable you to track very closely how you are doing, including what is working and what is not. When set up in a robust and comprehensive manner, email marketing can generate fantastic results. Surgeon’s Advisor regularly utilizes email marketing for its clients to achieve their goals and would love to help your practice, too. Please contact us today or call us at 305.763.8011.

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