Digital PR content should be shared on all of your social networks so it can be viewed and shared further by your patients.

Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the technique of delivering valuable and relevant content to a specific audience. When it comes to marketing for plastic surgeons, we develop detailed and specific content marketing plans to people like you. You know the types of clients and patients you want to serve, we know how to make your practice appeal to them the most.

We are leaders in the field of plastic surgery content marketing. The modern consumer is considering whether or not they want to use your office for their next cosmetic surgery even as they view your website. If you want your business to stand out from your competitors, you need to have the right mixture of social media blog topics, SEO strategies, and clear bang for your client’s buck to catch their eye and persuade them that you are best the place to go.

When we create content marketing plans, the first thing we consider is strategy. We begin researching with you on your goals, what your clients need and want, and which words or phrases resonate with you and your clients the most. A major part of any successful campaign is having the right keywords. SEO placement can make or break a business because almost nobody will click all the way to page five when they are looking for a plastic surgeon in their area.

Finally, we are a results-driven company. We want to know what’s working, and just as important, where our strategies can improve. That’s why we look closely at all aspects of the campaign from start to finish to see how we can better reach out to key customers and demonstrate your value to them quickly and effectively. We want to know if we are giving you the best ROI because that is how we make ourselves a better and stronger partner for you. By working with you from the beginning and having specific targets, we can deliver plastic surgery content marketing tailored to your goals.

Effective content marketing does not exist inside of a vacuum. It uses other traditional and modern mediums as well. Our content marketing team knows how to blend all areas and disciplines to give your practice what it needs to expand your presence through Digital PR and social media.

Digital PR

Before the internet, your customers had to find you through traditional media outlets. Now, public relations has gone digital and it is more streamlined and direct than ever. Instead of just a standard press release, you can have social media posts, Q & A sessions, blog posts – all of which directly explain the value of your brand and practice to the people you want to reach the most. Best of all, digital PR is not limited to the news cycles of print or television. It can be reached by customers anytime, anywhere.

When we create digital PR content for you, we are able to speak directly to your audience. This lets you have a conversation with your patients and clients both inside and outside of the office and explain to them in depth why you are the best choice for their plastic surgery operation.

When we create your digital PR content, it is only half of the puzzle. Once it has been created, you can see almost in real time the importance of social media and the effect it has on reaching out to your audience. Digital PR content should be shared on all of your social networks so it can be viewed and shared further by your patients.

Benefits to You

  • Our content marketing team will help you guide conversations with clients before and after procedures
  • Join the 24/7 News Cycle Online
  • Place your news right on the websites your clients see the most
  • Use multimedia content as well as print to educate and make PR releases more interactive

Social Media

The importance of social media has been repeated over and over again so there is no need to repeat its praises here. What matters to you is how that impacts your content marketing plans. People today want to interact with and feel a part of the culture of a business, whether it is a shoe store or a cosmetic surgeon’s office.

More than ever, the old phrase, “it’s not what you know, but who you know,” is proving itself to be true. Through word-of-mouth conversations online, your own patients can drive the plastic surgery content marketing forward and share their experiences using your social media platforms.

Social media blog topics are a place for you to put a personal spin on your work. People want to know why and how your practice is going to make their lives better, and through blog posts you can explain it to them in terms they can understand and relate to. It also gives practices a chance to explain about new and popular trends and spark interest in things people may have never heard of before.

Why Social Media Is Important

  • It’s where people are: young, and increasingly, older people spend nearly as much time on social media as they do watching TV.
  • It’s interactive: people can ask questions, post ideas, share stories, etc.
  • Social Media Blog Topics are a great way to teach people more about your practice and develop a relationship with your potential clients.

When we do marketing for plastic surgeons, it is important that we do it right. With our team of experts in content marketing, digital PR, and social media, we can mix and match all the platforms to deliver the value of your services directly to the people you want to contact the most. Through digital PR we can send news and updates directly to your target audience without waiting for the news to catch up with you, and through social media we can share stories and engage your audience.

If you want high quality, valuable interaction with your customers through our content marketing team, contact us here and we will help you develop the exact marketing approach your business needs.