Choosing the Best Colors for Your Plastic Surgery Website

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Choosing the Best Colors for Your Plastic Surgery Website
What are the Best Colors for Your Website?

Consider your medical website design to be like the cover of a book. Despite the fact you’ve doubtless heard the old saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” hundreds of times, the fact is that everyone does it. How else would we choose which book to grab first off the shelf with countless options before us? There is a reason all books do not have the same cover and are instead covered in illustrations and eye-catching colors. And like a book jacket, your website is the first impression your audience will have of you.

There certainly is a science behind the color design. It is a topic that has been extensively studied and the findings of which are used daily in marketing. Restaurants use warm colors to trigger feelings of hunger, Pinterest sticks to red to strengthen your feelings of desire for the things you like, and Facebook uses blue to make you feel safe even though you are sharing personal information with the world. The people who chose their colors to know what they are doing.

Part of making your website as welcoming to visitors as possible and keeping them there long enough to convert them to patients is developing an appropriate color scheme. We have compiled some tips to help you decide which colors are right for your site and help a good page experience.

General Color Tips

First and foremost, always keep your target audience in mind. As a plastic surgeon, this includes prospective patients interested in the aesthetic enhancement of their face and/or body. You will want to develop a color scheme that suggests trust and professionalism, as well as compassion.

Colors must be carefully selected.

Using a variety of colors that clash will send signals to the visitor that you do not have the artistic eye needed to provide pleasing cosmetic services. A color reference guide could help you to understand better the classification of colors (Fig. 1).

Quick Reference Guide to Color
Color reference guide (Fig.1)

A black background will generally limit your text color choices to white or yellow, which can seem too aggressive and may make it too difficult for some visitors to read what is on the page. Black text on white background may not seem very original, but there is a reason it is so common. This color combination allows for optimal readability. If you feel strongly about using more interesting colors, light backgrounds with dark text work best. Yellow can cause eyestrain, so do not use it for the background of your webpage.

To keep your website appearing professional, it is suggested that you limit your colors. Three is best. This will help tie all elements of your site together and create a cohesive look. A monochromatic look using different tints, tones, and shades of a particular hue is a great choice because of the subtlety. However, to keep the color combination from being too boring you should also use a contrasting color to add interest.

The Ideal Colors for Aesthetic Surgery Sites

There are many color theories, with each color having connotations that draw out certain emotions in people.

  • Typically, it is said that the color blue triggers feelings of quality and trust. This is a very common color used on many of your clients’ websites. Blue also is said to elicit feelings of tranquility and peace, all relaxing things you want patients to feel given the serious nature of surgery.
  • Red can make people want to take prompt action, but be careful when using this strong color. Although it can be persuasive, red also signals things that are hot, daring, and wrong. It has been used to stimulate the senses, so use it in a call to action to get the right response.
  • Orange signifies that something is warm. It also means technical and energetic. Since it is less aggressive than red and more pleasing to the eyes than yellow, orange is a good color for stirring emotions without being too bold. Softer shades of orange can be comforting but still give a sense of healthy vibrancy.
  • Yellow is sunny and cheerful, but also tells people to be cautious and slow down. It is great for grabbing someone’s attention but can be hard on the eyes in excess. Yellow should be used sparingly and in combination with warm colors, or to liven up a page with predominantly cool colors.
  • If you specialize solely in surgery for women pink might be a color you want to use somewhere on your site, but because it is generally used for things that are “girly,” cute, and fluffy, male patients will be discouraged. Pink elements may also deter visitors to your site from taking you seriously as it shows playfulness.
  • Some experts suggest green makes people want to spend money. It is also connected to spring, fertility, the beginning of something new, and health. Perfect for a plastic surgery practice! However, it is also considered to represent inexperience and envy.
  • People associate browns with nature, earth, and things that are organic. It is a warm neutral color that is associated with dependability, honesty, and friendliness. The use of subtle shades of brown, such as tan and cream, helps other colors to look brighter when used as a background.
  • Black goes with everything. Is there any more classic combination than black and white? It makes nearly all colors stand out and seem crisper. Black is conservative, but also sends a message of sophistication and class. Black font is typically the easiest to read on a light background.
  • White means purity and cleanliness. Like black, it goes with any color. It can also help to make other colors stand out. Do not use too much white, though, since it can be too bright and hurt the eyes.

Using a blend of both warm and cool colors will help to make visitors to your site feel relaxed, without seeming too cold. You want them to feel at ease, but not put them to sleep. Balancing blues, greens, and whites with browns, reds, yellows, and oranges will keep them excited about the prospect of undergoing a procedure. With a business concerned with helping people feel more youthful, you want them to feel awake and refreshed.

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