A true digital expert who understood the power of data

I launched RealSelf 14 years ago and Robert Baxter happened to be one of the first people I met from the aesthetics industry. This proved to be a serendipitous introduction; Robert not only represents many of the most prominent practices in the US, he is a true digital expert who understands the power of data and insights and how they can help a practice grow and compete for the next patient. Over time Robert and I shared the podium at congresses across the world and I saw first-hand his emphasis on transparency and delivering results for his clients. But perhaps what's most important to a client of his is the fact Robert is unafraid of telling the truth and being direct. Countless times I've turned to him for advice, and I always know he'll give me the straight scoop (with a touch of kindness!).

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  • Tom Seery
  • Executive Chairman - RealSelf