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What is Digital Marketing?


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Digital marketing, alternately known as online marketing or internet marketing, simply refers to the process of of growing your business using the web. It is a catch-all phrase for all of the various techniques utilized by professional web marketers and entrepreneurs to get noticed by, spark the interest of, and receive contact from prospective clients. In short — it’s what we do best.

How Does Digital Marketing Work?

Here’s a secret: digital marketing is no different from any other kind of marketing! Marketing is applied psychology; that is to say, it is a strategy or strategies, based on how your customer thinks, to obtain their business. Online technology merely makes this process more efficient and tracks results much more accurately, but the underlying concepts are as old as markets themselves.

Outbound vs. Inbound Marketing

There are two types of marketing, whether traditional or online:

  • Outbound marketing, which essentially “pushes” your products or services onto the customer through interruptive means. Outbound marketing methods include television ads, telemarketing, billboards and posters; online methods are banner ads, spam email, and Pay-Per-Click Advertising. You go to them.
  • Inbound marketing, which “pulls” prospective clients to your business by aligning with their interests. Inbound marketing methods include Search Engine Optimization, newsletter signup, social media marketing, quality content creation, and referrals. They come to you!

Location, Location, Location! The Necessity of Good SEO

A smart marketing campaign will use a mix of both inbound and outbound marketing, as fits their needs. But there is no doubt that the internet is tailor-made for inbound marketing like no other medium before. People no longer wait to find the best surgeon or clinician in their area; they just do a quick search. Everyday over 3 billion searches are made on Google alone!

In order to capitalize on the volume of searches relevant to your office, you need some prime real estate on search engines. You want to show up for both quality keywords — that is, the relevant search terms that receive the most amount of queries — and quantity — the sheer amount of keywords with visible placement, sometime known as “long-tail” keywords.

Getting on page 1 of Google isn’t easy, but we know how it’s done.

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The Science of Beauty: Conversion Rate Optimization

Visiting a website is a little like speed dating: prospects decide whether they want to begin a relationship with you in a very short amount of time, and often based on looks alone. Out-of-date sites, poorly organized home pages, and slow-loading images can adversely affect the time visitors spend on your site, let alone reach out to make an inquiry.

User behavior is more important than ever. The rate at which your visitors click on your pages, read them for extended periods of time, and view other content such as videos or photos will determine not only how likely they are to contact you but the importance of your site with respect to search engines.

What resonates with your prospects? Surgeon’s Advisor can help — we’ve got the right mix of data-based solutions and aesthetic craft that can wow your visitors and keep them around to the point of making contact.

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Getting Connected: Digital PR and Social Media

“Content Is King” is a common refrain in digital marketing circles, referring to the importance of creating quality, keyword-rich content that other sites would be willing to link to. But how to obtain those links? By networking. In an effort that we call ‘digital public relations’, we connect doctors to likely online allies — journalists, local organizations, and bloggers looking for the kind of expertise and industry prominence that our clients possess.

We also put you in direct contact with your clients, through the ever-expanding yet oft misunderstood waters of social networking. Creating profiles for sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest is one thing; creating a vibrant hub where those interested in your services, your expert information, or even your brand personality can check in, engage with, and share among their friends.

Looking to get started? Let Surgeon’s Advisor show you how.

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Perception is Everything: The Facts about Online Reputation

Not worried about what others think about you? In life, it’s an admirable trait. Online, it can be a path to disaster. Lest you think we exaggerate, here are some sobering statistics:

And whether it’s a dissatisfied patient, a disgruntled employee, or just a loose cannon, a single individual can do real damage to your online presence with the touch of a few buttons.

What can you do about it, and how can you protect yourself from future attacks? Surgeon’s Advisor is a recognized expert in the field of Online Reputation Management.

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