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Why Choose Surgeon’s Advisor?

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Why Choose Surgeon’s Advisor

After nearly 20 years of experience working with some of the most successful medical practices in the U.S. and abroad, Surgeon’s Advisor is an industry leader in digital marketing tailored specifically for medical professionals just like you. What sets us apart from agencies? Simply put, we put our clients’ success above all else.

At Surgeon’s Advisor, we know that it’s not enough to simply be experts in our field or to use the latest cutting-edge technology to drive results. Our success rests primarily on our clients’ success, making this our number one priority. Here are just a few ways we put our clients at the forefront of our business model.

We Understand Our Client’s Goals

Since Surgeon’s Advisor was founded in 2003, we have worked exclusively with plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists, dermatologists, and other medical professionals who offer elective procedures and do not rely solely on insurance-based revenue. 

We listen and ask questions to build in-depth knowledge of our clients’ unique goals and draw on proven strategies to help you achieve your individual goals. We also know that every client is different, so we take that into account when creating customized marketing plans.

We’re Hands-On With All Types of Client Requests

When you work with Surgeon’s Advisor, you’re working with real people who take the time to actively work on your account day in and day out. 

Our clients have high expectations, and we’re up to the task. Whether you’re requesting simple website edits or in-depth KPI data reporting, we’re ready and able to take on nearly any request including:

We’re Responsive and Reliable

Exceptional customer service is at the core of our ethos, so one of our main goals is to communicate openly and frequently with each client. When it comes to client requests, we aim to respond to every email, text, and call as soon as possible so that you get an answer within hours. Turn-around time for requests can be within a day or up to seven days at the most, depending on the type of request and the task required. 

We Use Cutting-Edge Technology and Strategies

While other digital marketing agencies may draw on generic marketing strategies that cover a wide array of industries, we have the advantage of working solely in the medical space. Therefore, we’ve created thousands of operating procedures and devised innovative strategies that are highly effective for our clients. Our techniques help you dominate your market and rise above your competition.

We Listen to What Our Clients Want

Too many agencies rely on their own expertise and experience alone to guide marketing and optimization strategies without actually taking into account what each client needs and wants. We look at things differently. 

We’ll give our suggestions and recommendations, but ultimately we give our clients exactly what they want. After all, you know your business best and can make your own decisions about what strategies will suit your unique practice.

We’re Proactive About Reporting Progress

We believe that you deserve to know everything that’s happening with your account at all times, so we benchmark goals up front and then hold ourselves accountable to KPIs. We measure everything, from communication to activities completed to turnaround time, and we’ll always keep you in the loop with regular reports on progress, ROI, and more.

You’ll Never Have to Pay For Anything Upfront

Because your success is our main focus, we only charge you once we’ve delivered what we’ve promised. You’ll never have to put yourself at risk by paying up-front for services or roping yourself into a long-term contract. Once we’ve delivered, then we’ll provide you with an invoice and any work that you pay for belongs solely to you to use however you’d like.  

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Your skill as a physician is only one element of your success. Without effective marketing strategies, you will lose patients to other practices in your area. That’s where Surgeon’s Advisor comes in—to give you a competitive edge and build trust with prospective patients.  

Are you ready to start driving performance, increasing patient numbers, and getting better ROI from your marketing campaigns? We can help your business thrive so that you crush the competition and come out on top. Call (305) 763-8011 for a consultation with one of our medical industry digital marketing pros today.