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The Plastic Surgeon Web Site: Building Good META Tags

Posted by Surgeon’s Advisor

The Plastic Surgeon Web Site: Building Good META Tags
The Plastic Surgeon Web Site: Building Good META Tags

When it comes to the plastic surgeon web site, building good META tags is very important. META tags are essential to good search engine rankings, and good search engine rankings are essential to bringing visitors to your website. Further, META tags not only help to increase your rankings, they also display important site information for users on the search results page.

A META tag is an optional line of HTML code in the HEAD section of a document. They’re one element of your website that is used by the search engines to determine the content and value of your site. Though there are a number of different types of META tags, the META description tag and the META keyword tag are the two most important ones for website promotion in the search engines.

The META description tag is used by many search engines to provide more concise and clearer results to searchers. This is what searchers see in the search results page and this brief description of your site’s content allows searchers to determine the value of your website and whether or not they should click on your link. Some search engines don’t use META description tags. In this case, or if you don’t have a META description tag, the first few lines of text from your web page are displayed on the results page. Often times, this is the content from the navigation menu and isn’t all that appealing to users. A META description tag for a plastic surgery practice might be something like the following: “Dr. Doe, experienced Chicago plastic surgeon, offering essential plastic surgery information and advice for patients.”

META keyword tags should list all of the keywords relevant to your website. For the plastic surgery practice, this might be something like the following: ” plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, rhinoplasty, facelift, breast augmentation, before and after photos, plastic surgery Chicago .”

When used properly, META tags can increase your rankings in search engines. As such, it’s best not to submit your site without them. Good META tags are informative, well-written, descriptive, and target your keywords, providing useful information about your website to both the search engines and your visitors.