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Importance of Google Posts to Online Reputation Management

Posted by Surgeon’s Advisor

Importance of Google Posts to Online Reputation Management

These days, many businesses are worried about creating the perfect online posts for sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. While these websites are important for your online reputation, you should consider the importance of Google Posts when optimizing ORM. 

Online reputation management is key when trying to create a positive public image for your brand or business. Luckily, Google Posts is a versatile tool that can improve how you are perceived online. 

Think of it this way, Google is one of the first places people look when they want to find new stores, food spots, doctors, and many other services. If you can post updates directly to Google through your Google Posts, you are one step ahead of the game. 

Customers won’t have to go to other social media sites to learn more about you, they can get a direct impression of you right after they complete a Google search. This is one of the main reasons why Google Posts are so important to online reputation management. 

Why Are Google Posts Important For Online Reputation Management?

Google Posts are important for online reputation management for a range of reasons. We’ll talk about the biggest benefits of this platform for ORM here: 

1. Google Posts Improve Organic Web Traffic 

Effective management of your online reputation hinges on your searchability and the number of clicks you generate. If you have a strong hold on your audience and can direct their attention to your content you control how they view you. This is one of the reasons Google Posts is so important. 

Google Posts naturally increases organic web traffic to your website and other social media pages. This is because each Google Post ups the relevance of your website and business. When you share updates on Google Posts about new services you are offering, different business hours, and special deals and discounts, customers can see this while they do a Google search and look at your Google Business Profile. 

Whether your audience is searching for your business specifically or businesses that are similar to you, Google will bring visibility to your posts. In turn, this will improve the number of clicks you get, especially if you use the CTA button to link your website or web pages related to your post. 

2. You Can Directly Impact Your Business’s Image

Managing your online reputation is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business. Consumers will decide whether they want to purchase your services, work with you, or even be involved with your business depending on how well you are viewed online. 

Many different factors affect your online reputation. This includes reviews left on your Google Business page, comments on social media posts, and feedback left by customers on your main website and other sites. You can’t always control how people talk about your business online, but you can directly impact your online image by using Google Posts effectively. 

Again, many people use Google first to find services and brands that will suit their current needs. By using Google Posts to update clients about your business, you can create an immediate effect. When people search for you, they will see your Google Business Profile which includes your current Google Posts. 

Through this feature, consumers will be able to form a quick impression of your business depending on what you have posted. This is completely controlled by you and you can display what is currently important to your brand here. In short, you control the conversation around your business by directing your audience to topics and updates that create a positive online image. 

3. Google Posts Makes It Easier to Manage Your Online Reputation

On the flip side, if you have seen negative attention around your brand or business recently, you can more easily manage your online reputation through Google Posts. Whether you have gotten a string of bad reviews, had a misunderstanding with a customer online, or have other reputation issues, Google Posts can help you turn around negative attention with more ease. 

You can use this platform to reach consumers and your audience right away and manage and correct your image more rapidly. As we have mentioned throughout this post, Google is often used to search for businesses online, so your audience will see Google Posts before they look at your social media pages or website. 

You can do damage control directly on your Google Business Profile and directly in Google Search with images, videos, and text posts. In addition, you can respond to any comments on your page and improve your image more rapidly. 

This will all be seen on Google when your customers look you up, which can lead to a more positive impact if you are able to respond thoughtfully to any online criticisms. And, with the simple user interface provided by Google Posts, it isn’t too difficult to create an engaging post that can change your online reputation.    

How to Manage and Improve Your Online Reputation With Google Posts:

In this final section, we’ll go over some quick tips that will help you manage your online reputation with Google Posts:

  • Post often to keep your audience engaged 
  • Make sure that your Google Posts are relevant
  • Provide content-rich text that isn’t too long
  • Add videos and photos that are high-quality
  • Use SEO keywords to improve your Google rankings
  • Utilize the CTA button to link your website and web pages
  • Your landing pages should be optimized 

Basically, you want to prioritize your Google Posts by packing them full of useful information and good keywords. This way, when people look up your services or products through Google search, they are updated with the latest details about your business. 

Remember, optimized Google posts provide you with the opportunity to directly engage with your audience. Use this opportunity to create a more positive image. You can enhance your online reputation by replying to comments, answering questions, and directing customers to your main website for more information. 

In short, engaging with your customers directly through Google Posts can vastly improve ORM. Especially if you know how to talk to your audience and provide them with posts that are relevant to what they are searching for.