The Importance of E-A-T in SEO

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What is E-A-T in SEO?

E-A-T is an acronym from Google’s Search Quality Rater Guidelines for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. It is a concept used by Google to determine the quality of a piece of content on any web page. It is an important factor in how Google ranks webpages and determines their relevance for particular search queries. The higher the E-A-T score of a page, the higher its search rankings will be. Of course, being a Google concept, E-A-T criteria are tied to algorithm updates, so it’s always good to be aware of them.

Why is E-A-T Important for SEO in 2023?

As Google continues to refine its algorithms and prioritize user experience, it is becoming increasingly important for SEOs to focus on E-A-T in 2023. The concept of “Google’s E-A-T guidelines” is a ranking factor that helps Google’s search algorithm determine the quality and relevance of content on a webpage, which can have a significant impact on a website’s ranking, especially on a medical site. With the prevalence of online scams and fake news, websites need to demonstrate their expertise, authority, and trustworthiness if they want to achieve high rankings. By creating high-quality content that cites reputable sources and provides information about authors or publishers, SEOs can boost their website’s E-A-T scores and increase their visibility in search engine results pages.

The E-A-T Principle

As said before, the E-A-T principle is a set of criteria used by search engines, particularly Google, to evaluate the quality and credibility of web pages. It plays a significant role in determining how well a page should rank in search engine results so it can be considered a ranking factor. Understanding and implementing E-A-T guidelines in SEO is crucial for website owners and content creators who aim to improve their organic search visibility and user trust.


Expertise refers to the level of knowledge and skill demonstrated by the content creators or authors responsible for a website’s content. Websites that display a high level of expertise are seen as reliable sources of accurate information. Here’s how to emphasize expertise in your content:

Author Bios: Providing detailed author bios and credentials helps establish the expertise of the content creators. This is especially crucial for YMYL pages where medical or financial advice is offered.

Professional Content: Content that is well-researched, fact-checked, and written in a way that showcases in-depth knowledge on the topic adds to the perception of expertise.

External Citations: Referencing credible external sources and linking to reputable websites further validate the expertise of your content.

User Engagement: Positive user engagement metrics, such as longer time on the page and low bounce rates, can signal to search engines that your content is valuable and trustworthy.


Authoritativeness refers to the reputation and influence of a website or its authors within a specific industry or subject matter. High-authority websites are seen as leaders in their respective fields. Here’s how to demonstrate authoritativeness:

Backlinks: High-quality backlinks from other authoritative websites are a strong signal of your website’s authority.

Social Proof: Aside from high-quality links, a strong social media presence with a large and engaged following can boost your website’s authority.

Recognition and Awards: Displaying industry awards and recognitions on your website helps build credibility.

Contributions: Contributing guest posts to reputable websites or getting featured in well-known publications can also enhance your website’s authority.


Trustworthiness pertains to how reliable and honest a website appears to users and search engines. Websites that prioritize user safety and privacy and have a transparent approach are considered trustworthy. Here’s how to establish trustworthiness:

Secure Website: Using HTTPS encryption and displaying trust badges, such as SSL certificates, instills confidence in users.

Privacy Policy: Having a clear and accessible privacy policy communicates your commitment to protecting user data.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials: Positive reviews and testimonials from real users demonstrate that your website shows trustworthy content.

Contact Information: Providing easily accessible contact information, including physical address and customer support, adds to your website’s credibility.

How to Demonstrate E-A-T in SEO Strategies

To achieve a high E-A-T score, webpages should contain high-quality content written by experts or authorities in the field, as well as providing links to trustworthy sources. Additionally, they should include information about the author or publisher which clearly demonstrates its trustworthiness. We already touched on ways to do this above but here are some specifics on how to accomplish this:

Author Expertise and Bio

The expertise of the authors behind your website’s content plays a crucial role in establishing E-A-T. Here’s how to highlight the author’s expertise:

  • Author Bios: Create comprehensive and credible author bios that outline the qualifications, experience, and accomplishments of each content creator. This helps users and search engines understand the expertise of the individuals responsible for the content.
  • Credentials and Certifications: If applicable, mention relevant certifications and credentials held by the authors, especially for YMYL pages that provide financial or medical advice. This adds legitimacy to their expertise.

Producing High-Quality Content

Creating high-quality, accurate, and reliable content is fundamental for demonstrating E-A-T. Here’s how to ensure content quality:

  • Thorough Research: Conduct in-depth research and fact-checking to ensure the information presented is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Expert Insights: Seek input from subject matter experts to provide expert insights and opinions on complex topics, adding credibility to your content.
  • Clear and Engaging Writing: Present information in a clear, organized, and engaging manner to keep users interested and encourage them to explore further.

Generating Positive Reviews and Testimonials

Positive user reviews, personal experiences, and testimonials contribute to the trustworthiness of your website. Here’s how to encourage and showcase positive feedback:

  • Customer Reviews: Encourage customers to leave reviews and feedback about their experiences with your products or services. Display these reviews prominently on your website.
  • Testimonials: Feature testimonials from satisfied clients or customers, especially on important landing pages. Video testimonials can be particularly impactful.

Linking to Trustworthy Sources and Authoritative Sites

Linking to reputable and authoritative sources strengthens the credibility of your content. Here’s how to leverage external linking:

  • Citations and References: Whenever you present data, statistics, or claims, back them up with citations and references from a credible source like blog posts from an authoritative site.
  • Outbound Links: Include external links to authoritative websites with a positive reputation that support or expand on the information you provide. Outbound links show that you’re committed to providing valuable resources to users.

Providing Accurate Financial Advice or Medical Advice (if applicable)

For YMYL pages related to finance or health that can affect a person’s medical or financial stability, providing accurate and reliable advice is crucial for E-A-T. Here’s how to approach these sensitive topics:

  • Expert Review: If possible, have subject matter experts review and verify the accuracy of the financial or medical advice on your website. Medical issues from your info or legal issues from bad legal advice will definitely have a negative impact on your brand, so be very careful with that.
  • Disclaimers: Include disclaimers to clarify that the information provided is for general informational purposes and not a substitute for professional advice.

Creating a Solid Online Presence on Social Media Platforms

A strong presence on social media platforms can boost your authority and trustworthiness. Here’s how to optimize your social media presence:

  • Active Engagement: Regularly engage with your audience on social media by responding to comments, questions, and messages promptly.
  • Content Sharing: Share your high-quality content on social media platforms to reach a wider audience and establish thought leadership.

Establishing Policies and Procedures for Quality Control

Having clear policies and procedures for maintaining content quality and accuracy demonstrates your commitment to E-A-T. Here’s how to establish quality control:

  • Editorial Guidelines: Create and adhere to editorial guidelines that ensure consistency, accuracy, and reliability of content across your website.
  • Fact-Checking and Review: Implement a thorough fact-checking and review process for all content before publishing to minimize errors and inaccuracies.

Responding to Negative Reviews with Transparency

Addressing negative feedback in a transparent and constructive manner can enhance your website’s trustworthiness. Here’s how to handle negative reviews:

  • Timely Response: Respond promptly to negative comments and feedback, showing that you value customer input and are willing to address concerns.
  • Transparency: Be transparent and honest in your responses, acknowledge any shortcomings, and communicate your efforts to improve.

By incorporating these strategies, you can effectively demonstrate E-A-T in your SEO efforts, leading to improved search engine rankings, user trust, and overall success for your website.

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